Do You Have a Grateful Heart?


When I think back to a time when I had a most grateful heart, I think of when God set me free from a relationship that continually grew more and more volatile by the day. I was so grateful that I couldn’t stop praising Him and singing and dancing! It is so wonderful when you receive a ‘suddenly’ from God. 

Even though it took a few weeks from when I surrendered to God, it still seemed to happen so quickly!

Together with three enormous benefits of having a grateful heart, I am excited to share with you five enemies of gratitude that are designed to keep you from achieving your goals and dreams and fulfilling your destiny.

Certainly, knowing God’s character and His goodness, and how He longs to set us free, makes it is easy to rejoice even before the answer to our prayer manifests. He is faithful to keep His promises to you, regardless of the circumstances.

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Having a Grateful Heart Brings Wholeness

When thinking of gratitude, I cannot help but think of the ten lepers whom Jesus healed in Luke 17:11-19. The leprosy was stopped in all ten people and they were cleansed as they obeyed Jesus and went to show themselves to the priest.

But only one man came back praising God in a loud voice and threw himself at Jesus’ feet and worshipped Him. 

This man was a Samaritan. The relationships between the Jews and Samaritans was not good at the time.

Jesus said, Were not all ten cleansed. Where are the other nine? But this man wanted everyone to hear what Jesus had done for Him. He was so grateful!

In response, Jesus said to him, ‘Rise and go, your faith has made you well. The King James version says, ‘Thy faith hath made thee whole’!

I truly believe this man was not only cleansed of this terrible disease, but he was made perfectly whole – no parts missing anymore!!

This parable shows how much the Lord values our gratitude, and how much he longs to make everything right in our lives. Be sure to take the time to cultivate an attitude of true gratitude for what He has already done for us!

How important then is gratefulness and thankfulness!

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; 

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thess 5:16-18 KJV

Notice it doesn’t say give thanks FOR all things, but IN all things or circumstances. Giving God thanks is the least we can do for He has given His everything to us!

Take time to look around at what you do have. A great way to cultivate a grateful heart is to start a gratitude journal. Write down daily three things you are grateful for, then underneath each one, write why you are grateful.

If you do this every day, it will fill your heart with joy as you begin to see God’s will manifesting in your life.

Make gratitude part of your daily ritual!


Here is a list of over 80 scriptures that mention gratitude or thankfulness.

Great leaders find ways to connect with their people

and help them fulfil their potential.

Steve J Stowell

A good leader seeks direction from God. Your dreams should be so big that you need God to help you accomplish them, otherwise they are most likely not from God. It takes courage to step out and fulfil what is in your heart! I believe God loves it when we think big and are prepared to take risks to achieve our goals and desires.

Don’t be afraid to be the leader you were born to be!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

5 Enemies of Gratitude

  1. Self-Pity

Self-pity comes from being too focused on our self and manifests in a ‘woe is me’ attitude. People with this attitude tend to always think how things are affecting them with no regard how they might be affecting others. They need to learn to see things from a different perspective. This is where cultivating and attitude of gratitude can create a mindset that empowers.

  1. Entitlement 

Entitlement is so contrary to the gospel message. This attitude thinks it deserves special privileges or treatment regardless of whether they have worked for it or not. The truth is that we all deserve to go to hell because of our sin, but the Lord is so merciful and has paid the price of our redemption. The spirit of entitlement is rooted in envy and pride and will block any promotion from the Lord.

  1. Comparison

Comparison can cause you to be in a place of torment, always looking at what others have or are doing, and seeing yourself as inadequate. A person can never be happy with this mindset. The enemy will keep you from becoming all you can be as you compare your talents, giftings, appearance etc with others. When you are grateful for who God made you to be, it brings peace and joy, knowing that the only person we all need to compare yourself with, is the Lord Himself so that we can grow from glory to glory.

  1. Complaining

Complaining is probably the worst attitude as it will stop you moving into your destiny. Because God has made us in His image, our words are creative. So what you say is what you get! God also said that we can call things into being that are not, as though they already exist. (Rom 4:17) But when you are grateful, you will speak good things into your life and the blessing of God will operate in your favour. So don’t be like the Israelites who grumbled and murmured in their tents.

  1. Greed

Greed is the total opposite of our heavenly Father’s nature. When we give we open up the windows of heaven to provide our needs and desires. There are so many people today with a poverty mindset which causes them to hoard as much money and belongings as they can in fear that they may lose what they have. But when we give with a grateful heart, God will rebuke the devourer on our behalf, and His blessing will overtake us.

3 Enormous Benefits of Gratitude

  1. Helps Us to be Less Self-Centered

When you show gratitude to others it causes you to think of others more and less about your situation.

It has been long-known that one of the best ways to combat depression is to do something good for someone else. This is particularly true when the person has a similar problem to you.

No-one wants to be around someone who is ‘all about them’, right? 

People will be more attracted to you when you have an attitude of humility and gratefulness. So be grateful, count your blessings and adopt a more positive and optimistic mindset towards life.

  1. Opens the Door to New Opportunities

Gratitude is a courtesy that shows appreciation for others. As a result, it can open up opportunities and new relationships that may benefit you or your business.

God is waiting to put you in touch with those He has assigned as being part of your destiny.

Being ungrateful and complaining will only hinder the plans that God has for you.

Don’t hesitate to show gratitude for the relationships in your life, whether family or business. Then be ready for divine contacts coming your way!

  1. Is Essential for Your Health

According to the expert studies of Dr. Caroline Leaf, gratitude changes the brain and body for the better! As a matter of fact, research shows that gratitude has a positive effect on our biology.

To put it differently, being thankful increases your longevity. 

Equally important, gratitude enhances the ability to use your imagination and also your ability to solve problems. Dr. Leaf also goes as far as to say that it is essential to your success.

Furthermore, Dr. Leaf explains that when you have a grateful attitude your brain releases neurotransmitters and neurohormones that will boost mood, focus, clear thinking and activates a flow of healthy quantum energy through the brain and body, enhancing mental and physical health.

Wow! Gratitude really is a powerful force. Be intentional and show gratitude to someone today! Make sure to daily find something to be grateful for!

Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the best “medicines” for your ​​​​​brain!

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Final Thoughts...

In order to fulfill your destiny and accomplish your God-sized dream, a grateful heart is necessary to move forward. As you can see, there are many enemies of gratitude and attitudes that can hinder your progress. 

In reality, even your health depends on keeping a grateful attitude and reaping the benefits that God has designed for you to receive.

Regardless of your circumstances, give thanks to the Lord and be gratefult to Him and to others! 

I guarantee you will see great changes for the better in your life!

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 9:1 KJV

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