Does Your Dream Feel Too Big?

Do you have a dream that seems a bit too far out of reach, or you feel it is impossible for you to achieve without something miraculous turning up out of the blue? Then I can safely say that you indeed have a God-sized dream! 


In general, if you’ve had a specific dream in your heart for a long time, then it has been placed there by God Himself. Our heavenly Father loves to place dreams in your heart that you cannot accomplish without Him. He longs to partner with you to see your most desired dreams come true!

Surprisingly, if you are feeling nervous about going after your big dream,

then you are in the perfect position for God to use you. 

In effect, when your dream is too big to achieve on your own, you are forced to put your trust in Him for each step towards your goal. Then you will naturally praise God and give Him all the glory!

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God wants you to achieve your big dream...

It is important to realize that your heavenly Father’s interest is in who you are becoming along the way. Ultimately, His purpose for you is that you become more and more like His Son Jesus Christ which should be our greatest desire.

Here’s what you will learn…

Not only will you learn 5 clues to help you to discern whether you have a God-sized dream but I will also share 7 hindrances that will keep you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Step out and know that you are not alone for your heavenly Father has given you His Holy Spirit to help you become all you were meant to be – an amazing, confident woman of God!

Technology has accelerated our ability to reach many, many people or nations for His kingdom. Jesus was teaching a new way of thinking that seemed to contradict the world’s way of thinking.

5 Clues You Have A God-Sized Dream

Here are some clues to help you discern whether your big dream is from God.

If so…

  1. You will think about it all the time
  • You think about it from when you wake up in the morning to last thing at night. 
  • You continually imaginwhat it would be like to be walking in your dream. 
  • You feel the emotions and play the same scenarios over and over in your mind.
  • You can talk about it all day and not run out of things to say.


  1. It fits in with all your skills and natural talents
  •  Your natural talents and skills as well as your personality or desposition
  • Some of those skills are developed along the way as you step out and begin to apply them.
  • It will be in alignment with your heavenly assignment.


  1. People may not understand   
  • Some people may think you are crazy especially if you are taking a risk
  • You may feel alone, especially if you don’t have any support from those close to you.
  • But you feel compelled to accomplish your big goal although you never feel ready.


  1. God uses your past positions and experiences
  • Positions you have held in the past have been part of developing the skills you will need.
  • Circumstances, whether bad of good, have helped to make you into the person you are. God uses all of it.
  • When you look back you can see the different ways God has been designing your life for His purposes.


  1. Your dream is bigger than you!
  • You know it wasn’t meant for you alone but to benefit many, many people.
  • Your desire is to bring much glory to God.
  • You know you must go outside of your comfort zone to achieve it.
  • You are scared and excited at the same time!
  • But you have a heart to advance the kingdom of God and reach those in the marketplace!


As wonderful as it is to achieve your dream, your time and relationship with the Lord needs to be the most important thing. Don’t let your dream take you away from your time with God. I know, as I was guilty of this myself and it everything just seemed to stay on hold.

If this happens with you, you will need to repent and check your priorities and your motives. Be sure that you are truly partnering and including Him in everything that you do and you will attract the favor of God.

Dream Big!

There are no limitations to how good you can become or how high you can rise 

except the limits you put on yourself.

Brian Tracy

7 Hindrances to Achieving Your God-Sized Dream


  1. Lack of Sleep and Good Health

You may think this has nothing to do with achieving your God-sized dream. But in reality, I assure you, if you are not sleeping or looking after yourself, the first thing that will suffer is your prayer life. 

Consequently, you will hinder the creative flow that you need to bring your ideas and creations to fruition. I speak this from experience. I was feeling too lethargic to even pray or read as I was worrying and thinking for hours instead of sleeping and trusting my God.

Your quiet time with God is where you best creativity comes from.


  1. Not a God-Given Dream

Essentially, you need to spend time with the Lord and ask Him about the plans He has for your life. His plans will include a specific assignment that you were created to accomplish for a specific person or people group. 

It is needful to check your heart and see what your true motive is for your dream. If it is easy for you to accomplish on your own, and does not benefit others, then I doubt if it is a God-given dream.

In other words, what is your ‘why’?

  • Why do you want to achieve this dream?  
  • Is it in alignment with your God-given assignment?


  1. Trying to Achieve Dream On Our Own

God never meant us to be an island. We were designed to need others to help us bring our dream to pass. When we try to do everything on our own, we become very ‘busy’ but not productive!

This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Your success depends on the relationships that are formed with your potential clients over a long period of time. If you can easily achieve it on your own, it isn’t a God-sized dream.


  1. Distractions

Life has changed so much since I was young. Knowledge is accessible so quickly and easily. Many are addicted to social media and their phones, and it has created a real challenge to stay focused on our goals and agendas. 

Not to mention the problem of procrastination that it creates, especially for those who tend to be perfectionists. Developing a daily routine that will help cull our social media time and block out times where all we do is focus on the work at hand.


  1. Fear of Failure

Understandably, this is one of the biggest reasons many do not attempt to go after their God-sized dream. There is a real fear of feeling embarrassed or ashamed if their dream doesn’t eventuate.

Rather, you must realize that failure is just part of the process. After all, everyone fails sometimes. No-one that has accomplished great things has avoided failure. In fact, they failed multiple times before succeeding in their big dreams!


  1. Negative Confessions

One thing that must be remembered is that negative confessions cause you to fail before you even start! As a Christian, you must know that you are made in the image of God, and therefore you are creative!

Your words create your reality. What you say is what you get! 

Certainly, if you are speaking words of failure and defeat, you will find it impossible to go forward with your dream. Your words have created a blockage to your creative flow. So speak what you want to happen as if it is already true!


  1. Lack of Preparation

Of course, anyone who has studied goal setting will know that this is of utmost importance. How do you prepare? First you must spend time with the Lord to hear clearly what He has for you to do. 

Then as the Word of God says in Habbukuk 2:2 KJV – Write the vision and make it plain or clear and easy to read. 

If your goals are written down, you have a 90% bigger chance of them coming to pass! 

Make sure your goals excite and motivate you and that they are SMART goals. Then create your action plan to begin bringing them to pass.

Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

Hab 2:2-3 NIV

In Conclusion...

  • Remember that if you can easily achieve your dream by yourself, then you need to dream much bigger!
  • Allow yourself to dream so big that you have to stretch your faith to accomplish it!
  • It pleases your heavenly Father when you use your faith, in fact, you cannot please Him without it!

Above all, never, ever give up on your God-sized dream! Imagine it, Feel it, and take hold of it, own it!!!

The 3 topics discussed in this article were:

  1. Does your dream feel too big?
  2. 5 Clues you have a God-sized dream 
  3. 7 Hindrances to Achieving your God-sized dream

For we walk by faith; not by sight.

2 Cor 5:7 KJV

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